Which apps are getting more attention in the new year?

People in California and elsewhere are using their smartphones more, and Google is finding its iPhone apps are gaining more and more traction.Google’s mobile app market share is still low, but the Android-powered Google Play store is growing faster than Apple’s App Store.Google is also expanding its mobile apps, including Google Play Games, Google Maps,


How to Get a ‘New York City’ in Your Head

New York City was once the city of the city.It has become the capital of the nation, a beacon of hope, and the most populous city in the United States.New York, of course, is a fictional city built in the imagination of the New Yorker writer-director-screenwriter Stephen King.But if you have a few minutes, go


Why are New York Islanders fans so sad?

New York’s Islanders will face a New York City Bulls team on Saturday night at the Barclays Center, the team announced.The Bulls beat the New Jersey Devils in overtime on Monday to win the East Division title and the first round of the playoffs. According to ESPN Stats & Info, the Islanders have been the NHL’s


Grandmothers and grandparents in shock after lottery win

Grandparents and grandparents are in shock at the result of a Michigan lottery jackpot.Grandmothers Mary Ann and Tom Stinson and their son Nick were the lucky winners of the Michigan Lottery Tuesday.“We are just trying to keep the shock and disbelief down and not let it affect us,” Tom Stiger said.“We feel pretty fortunate.It’s kind


When to read Neopets

Laconia Daily Sun article A new daily has been launched.It’s a small but very fun addition to Neopet life.You can read more about it in this new daily article.We’re really excited to see what people think of the new daily, and how it’s shaping up in the community!Neopoints are up over 300% from their weekly


What is the latest on the global warming hiatus

The global warming “pause” was one of the hottest topics of conversation during the last election, with both major parties promising to cut emissions.And the most recent hiatus in global warming seems to be in doubt, as the latest data from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows that it is actually only

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