What happens next for the Obama administration’s immigration enforcement agenda


By Mike DeBonisPublished Feb 06, 2018 06:01:15The Obama administration has been quietly quietly pushing to revamp the way it handles immigration enforcement, and it’s moving to change some of the rules and procedures, officials said Friday.

The Obama White House has been pushing for the new enforcement policies to focus more on criminal activity, instead of immigrants who are simply in the country illegally, and has been making a big push to increase enforcement of those who are here illegally.

Under the new guidelines, which are set to go into effect next week, officials are planning to hire more immigration officers to help them identify and prosecute immigrants who have committed violent crimes.

They will also be given greater latitude to pursue immigrants who pose a risk of re-entering the country, such as people who have been charged with domestic violence or who have violated a protective order or other protective orders, the White House said.

The plan, which was released last week, would also allow officials to prioritize cases involving children and people with mental health problems.

In addition, immigration officers would be given discretion to request a search warrant to search an immigrant’s or a foreign national’s home, which could lead to an arrest, according to a summary of the guidelines provided to The Associated Press.

Under current rules, an immigration officer would have to get a warrant to question an immigrant about whether he or she is in the United States illegally.

If the suspect has been arrested, the officer could ask the suspect whether he is in possession of a firearm.

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