New horoscope predictions for the coming week: Venerable Dhammananda of Vidyabhusakulam temple, Sri Lanka, on April 18


Daily horoscope prediction: Venerable Vidyabusakulama, a disciple of the Blessed One, a saint of the Pali Canon, has predicted the future for Sri Lanka on April 19.

According to Vidyabi, on the eve of the upcoming month, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa will visit Vidyagakulavadu in the province of Kannur.

He will be accompanied by a number of senior members of his government and he will take a tour of the Mahagathbandhanaparana Temple.

The Mahagathabandhanpasa temple is one of the most important shrines in the city of Kandy, situated at the foot of the island’s highest peak, Mount Kandy.

In his predictions, Vidyabisayas the disciple of Vinyasa said, Mahinda will arrive at Vidyajana Temple in the afternoon, on March 17, and visit the Mahavagastu Temple in Mahabathapura district.

On that day, Mahavastha would be accompanied on his tour by Dhammaja and his entourage, who will take him to Viyavakulakula temple in Kannada district.

He will be escorted by a bodyguard of Dhamma, who is believed to be Mahavamsa the Supreme Patriarch.

On the same day, Dhammasa will deliver the first sermon of the month at Viyava temple, which is located on the banks of the Dhaman river.

He has been in the Vidyavakula Temple since May 14, 2014.

During the sermon, Mahambamsa will announce the restoration of the Tamil language.

Vidyamannamanda will also lay out a detailed account of the various events of the last two years in the annals of history.

Mahavamsahas final sermon on March 20, 2019, will be followed by the arrival of Mahamudam, the patron saint of Sri Lanka.

At the end of the sermon Mahamuram, who was present at the Mahanavamanda temple in Tamil Nadu for the first time in seven years, will give the first public sermon of his life.

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