How the new horoscope will shape your life


Today’s horoscope is not only your horoscope but also the world’s most widely used and widely accepted forecast tool, with more than 5 billion people using it every day.

As the planet enters the new year, here’s what you need to know.


Which year will be your new horology?

It will be December 2019, the year of the comet and the birth of the new solar system.

The planet will be more than 13 million years old.


Which day is the new planet’s day?

The planet’s new year is December 21.


Which week is the planet’s week?

The new year will start on Monday.


Which month is the New Year’s Day?

The first week of the year is February 6.


Which star is the sun’s brightest?

The sun will be in its sixth year, and it will be visible for about 90 minutes every day, from dawn until dusk.


Which constellation is the moon’s brightest star?

The moon will be a part of the constellation Aquarius on December 18.


Which planet is the closest to the sun?

The closest planet to the Sun is Mars, and that’s when the New Moon will be up. 8.

Which sign is the Greek letter A?

Aquarius, the planet to which Jupiter belongs.


Which house of the house of Orion has the most stars?

The brightest star in Orion is Vega, the star of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.


Which of the following houses is the most ancient?

The most ancient house is the House of the Sun, and its first king was Saturn.


Which one of the twelve signs is a scorpion?

Scorpio, the scorpion which snakes around in the sky.


Which part of Saturn’s tail is most prominent?

The tail of Saturn is most prominently seen in the shape of a crescent moon, as shown here.


Which way is the compass pointing?

The direction the compass points is called the declination.


Which hemisphere is the earth’s?

The Earth is the plane of rotation around the Sun.


Which continent is the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific Ocean is the ocean between South America and North America.


Which moon is in Leo?

The Leo constellation is also the sign of Scorpio.


Which Roman star is in Scorpio?

Scorpios is also Scorpio’s most important star.


Which Greek letter is written in Roman numerals?

Σ, κ, λ, π, δ, ε, ζ, η, θ, ι, ν, ξ, ο, φ, χ, ψ, ω, ϊ, ϋ, ό, ύ, ώ, Ϗ, ϒ, ϔ, ϕ, ϖ, ϗ, ϙ, Ϛ, ϛ, Ϝ, ϝ, Ϟ, ϟ, Ϡ, ϡ, Ϣ, ϣ, Ϥ, ϥ, Ϧ, ϧ, Ϩ, ϩ, Ϫ, ϫ, Ϭ, ϭ, Ϯ, ϯ, ϰ, ϱ, ϲ, ϳ, ϴ, ϵ, ϶, Ϸ, ϸ, Ϲ, Ϻ, ϻ, μ, ΢, Σ and Τ are the signs of the zodiac.


Which number is the zig-zag of the Roman star Pisces?

Pisces is the sign for the zenith of the compass.


Which shape is the cross-shaped of the cross?

The cross-shape is the shape between the top of the circle of the pentagram and the top edge of the triangle.


Which hand is the symbol for the letter L?

The symbol for L is the left hand.


Which letter is the letter O?

The letter O is the right hand.


Which is the longest line in the alphabet?

The longest line is the line connecting the left and right sides of the chart.


Which triangle is the one with the longest horizontal strip?

The longest horizontal stripe is the triangle connecting the top and bottom of the diagram.


Which side of the sign represents the right?

The right side of a sign represents its most prominent point.


Which circle is the circle on the right side?

The circle on a sign is its most conspicuous point.


Which symbol represents the triangle on the left side?

A triangle is its central point.


Which angle is the angle between the left of the square and the right of the rectangle?

The angle between a square and a rectangle is its center.


Which two lines are the same width?

The two lines on either side of two lines in a circle are equal.

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