What happened to ‘Hindutva’ in India?


The BJP’s Hindutva slogan is not a political ideology but an intellectual construct, a set of principles, which have been adopted by all Hindu organisations, including Hindu organisations that reject or condemn communal violence.

The BJP, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is the most powerful party in India and enjoys the support of a majority of voters.

But the ideology has failed to win over voters and has been blamed for many social ills.

The Hindutvas ideology has no connection with the country’s history, culture and history of India itself.

It is a product of the time, not the future, and is not conducive to the well-being of the people.

The party’s political and ideological leaderships’ claim to represent Hindus in the country is based on their belief that the majority Hindu population, numbering in the millions, is being manipulated by secular forces.

The RSS, which has an estimated 50 million members across India, claims that it represents a Hindu majority.

Its ideology and beliefs are shared by most Hindu organisations.

The party has even started a campaign in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra in the last two years to create a Hindu-majority state.

However, the RSS, with its history of promoting communal violence, has not been able to bring its ideas to the fore.

Its main ideological and political programme is to destroy Hindu-Muslim unity in India.

The Indian constitution recognises a “divided nation” and the “supreme authority” is the Muslim-majority State of Gujarat.

The state’s chief minister, Narendra Modi is a Muslim and his government has made communal violence a priority.

The RSS has even launched a campaign to “cleanse” the Muslim majority from India.

While the Hindu groups have rejected these ideas, they have not been willing to accept that there is any link between the ideology and the violence.

They have, however, criticised the BJP for not condemning the Hindutvavadist party and the leaders of it.

They want the BJP to condemn the Hindutsvavads ideology.

This is a political issue and one which the BJP is reluctant to take any action on.

But a number of leaders of the BJP have taken a stand on this issue and have criticised the RSS for not doing so.

BJP president Amit Shah said, “I have always been a proponent of a free and independent India.

This is a great moral issue.

I have always opposed communal violence and the Hindustavads ideological programme.”

He said the BJP has not condemned the RSS but has “raised questions” about the organisation’s leadership.

He added, “The RSS is a big political organisation.

We need to condemn it.

But, it is not possible to condemn all the organisations.”

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