How to use Cryptocurrency to pay for the daily photo and text news


Posted July 31, 2018 04:00:30By Mike ZagoriaNew York, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, the digital currency crypto-currency Bitcoin (BTC) has become a viable way to pay your daily photo & text news in a simple and transparent way.

The news can be paid via Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other crypto-currencies on the market.

This is the first time a news source can be used as a means of payment for news in this way.

News media are not a big audience in the digital world and it’s often hard to find reputable news sources in this space, so digital currency users have to rely on trusted news outlets, like Google News, Yahoo!, and others.

This is what Bitcoin offers, allowing users to pay their news subscriptions directly to the news outlet.

This news outlet can be a major source of news for users who have a lot of time on their hands.

The news outlet pays for a piece of content and can receive an immediate payout, making it easier to get the news.

This means users will have more time to consume their news, as the news will be delivered to them faster.

For example, users who subscribe to the Daily Record news outlet will get news for their favorite stories, and a user who subscribes to the New York Times or The Wall Street Journal will get their daily news.

In the case of Daily Record, users can also get daily email alerts, which are a way to receive daily updates and can also be paid in Bitcoin.

The user can also receive alerts and receive a bitcoin payment.

This allows users to have a daily pay-per-view experience, while also paying for news.

Users can pay for news subscriptions with Bitcoin, and the payment can be processed in less than a minute, which is convenient for users looking to get news.

News outlets can also accept Bitcoin as payment, as users can pay to have their news content included in a user’s account.

In addition to Bitcoin, users are also able to pay with the news outlets’ social media accounts, which provide users with more visibility on their social media feeds.

For more news from The Daily Record and other news outlets on the news platform, click here.

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