Which state would be best for you and your family if you were forced to move?


In a state like Maharashtra, where you’re more likely to face severe economic hardship, the choice of which state to relocate depends largely on where you live.

If you are living in a city, you can move to any of the metropolitan regions, while if you’re in a rural state, you should consider moving to a rural district.

In other words, the answer depends on where your family is based and your income level.

However, even in a metro state like Mumbai, which is the largest metro area in the country, you’re likely to be better off moving to an area in an agricultural zone.

The main difference between the metro and rural areas is that you are more likely be in a better financial position if you move to an urban area.

This means you are likely to get a better credit rating and earn higher wages than if you choose to move to a city.

This is because your job and earnings depend on your location, and as a result, your salary is likely to grow faster.

If your home is in a farm area, the average household in that area has an income of Rs. 50,000, while a typical family in a suburb earns around Rs. 10,000 per month.

Similarly, the number of jobs in the metro area will likely be lower than in rural areas, meaning that you’ll be more likely earn a lower salary than a person living in rural Maharashtra.

As a result of the lower wages, it is likely that you would find it more difficult to move into a bigger city.

If a family has children who are from poor families, it may be more difficult for them to move from a city to a better-off rural area.

If these children are still growing up, they may not be able to find jobs that they are comfortable with, or will be pushed out of the urban area due to housing problems.

It is worth noting that this is also true for the elderly, who tend to be more dependent on their savings.

It may be difficult for you to move if you have children in rural Mumbai and your retirement funds are at risk.

You should be able and afford to live in a state where you can get a decent job and earn enough money to survive, if that is the case.

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