Which boulder is the best?



— The most popular boulder in Alabama is the boulder at Alton Daily News’ headquarters in Alton, which the newspaper says is “the most visited boulder in the United States.”

The boulder is called “Big Bill” by the paper and it was made by artist John Boulton.

“It was an old boulder in an old neighborhood in Birmingham, which was called the ‘Burgh,’ ” said the newspaper.

“The locals called it ‘Big Bill’ because it was so big.

The newsroom, which has about 150 employees, has had its boulder at the newsroom since 1955.””

If you go to the front door of the newspaper in Almont, you’ll see it all the time.”

The newsroom, which has about 150 employees, has had its boulder at the newsroom since 1955.

“The boulder at our newsroom is known as Big Bill, and it is one of the most visited boulders in the country,” said Almont native and reporter Bill Osterman.

“I have visited the boulder a couple of times, and I know a lot of people who have come to see it, and they are very proud of it.”

The newspaper’s boulder is on top of a concrete base.

The boulder is about 3,800 feet tall, and weighs about 7,000 pounds.

The base is also solid, so it’s easy to climb and it’s safe for boulderers.

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