‘Hannity’ ‘Tearfully Depressed’ About His Death in ‘The Trump Show’


The Republican host of “The Trump Train” is “tearfully depressed” about the death of his wife, who he said died from complications of heart disease, according to an emotional interview in his latest book, “The Truth Behind The Bizarre.”

The interview is the latest in a string of emotional posts on the blog “The Facts of Life.”

The show airs on the Fox News Channel.

“I don’t know if she died from the complications of her heart disease or the drugs that she took, but she died because of the drugs,” Hannity said.

“And I was devastated.”

He added that he thought his wife was going to “die in her sleep.”

He said she “was a wonderful woman.”

Hannity has been hospitalized since December to treat his heart condition, which he said had been triggered by a “tragedy.”

He’s now been on medication and is taking care of his own health.

In an emotional conversation with “The Newsroom” host Chris Wallace, Hannity described how he was shocked to learn his wife died of complications of “heart disease” in February, months after they met in Las Vegas.

“When I saw her on the floor, I was in shock,” he said.

He said that the doctors told him his wife had suffered a “very, very hard and painful heart attack.”

“They didn’t give me any other options,” he continued.

“She had no chance of surviving.

She had a heart attack.

She died of a heart problem.

She was taken to the hospital.”

Hannity said his wife took medication, but that it didn’t work and he was left with “a lot of bad pills.”

“My wife didn’t die because she took those pills,” he added.

“Her condition was a tragedy, a tragic situation.”

He described the “carnival of death” as “a carnival of drugs,” adding that he was “the only one who could fix it.”

“She was taken off life support,” he wrote.

“This is the first thing I’ve ever said about my wife, because she had a very, very difficult heart.”

Hannity’s wife died in late March, after suffering from a heart condition.

He was rushed to the emergency room where she was pronounced dead.

His book, which was published in April, said he’s been trying to make sense of his experience.

“As I sat there in the hospital, I couldn’t understand what was happening,” he writes.

“It was as if she were in a dream.

She told me that she was going through a nightmare, and that she had to have the drug that was meant to stop her heart from beating stopped.

She said it took her a while to understand what I was talking about.

The only thing that I knew was that the drugs had stopped my heart.”

In the book, Hannity describes the aftermath of his initial shock and how he struggled to comprehend the events that led to his wife’s death.

He wrote that he tried to find some explanation, but “I couldn’t.”

Hannity added that the drug-induced coma and hospitalization were “torturous” for him and his family.

He called his wife “a wonderful person” and said that his wife didn “never die because of a drug.”

He continued: “She took medication and we took a drug called Tylenol and she didn’t need it.

She took the pills, she didn, she did.

I just hope I don’t get my life ruined.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Hannity for comment.

The Trump Train is scheduled to air its final episode on May 18.

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