What is it about the water?


Watertown is a small town in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, where the local police chief, a retired teacher and a retired lawyer have lived in the same house for decades.

The house, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom mansion that overlooks a waterway, has served as a gathering place for residents who live in different parts of town.

Watertown has long been known as a place where families gather for gatherings and other gatherings.

But in recent years, it has been transformed into a place of mystery.

Residents have said they have heard strange sounds coming from the house and have witnessed people disappear into the house, including the man who was killed there last year, a former employee who said he had been in the house for three months and a woman who said she saw a man in the basement who appeared to be in his 30s or 40s.

In a series of recent articles, The Post has detailed some of the most bizarre aspects of the neighborhood, including a group of men who have been accused of kidnapping a young woman, allegedly forcing her to watch a pornographic film and leaving her on a roof with a knife, before turning her over to authorities.

Some residents said the neighborhood has been a haven for drugs, including crack cocaine.

Others said they were afraid of a shadowy figure who lives in the home and has been seen in the neighborhood.

At times, residents have described the neighborhood as a ghost town.

One resident told The Post that he and his wife have noticed an eerie glow in the area where they live.

“It was as if someone was watching us and it was like we were watching someone from another dimension,” he said.

“I’m scared.”

Waterbury, Mass.

It is not known where the man in question went missing.

His family has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

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