When a former football player takes his own life, it’s hard to understand why his story isn’t told more in the national media


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is no stranger to controversy.

His family has been in the news this year for a number of reasons.

On April 18, Peterson was arrested for driving under the influence in South Carolina and was later sentenced to one year of probation and ordered to attend anger management classes.

The next day, Peterson filed a $2 million lawsuit against former NFL players Colin Kaepernick and Malcolm Jenkins.

On the heels of the incident, he was released from prison in November.

The day after that, Peterson went public with a suicide note and said he felt like he was on a different planet, something that some took as a sign of mental health issues.

The NFLPA responded to the story by calling it “an outrageous and offensive attempt to vilify a former NFL player.”

While Peterson did not officially leave prison until April 20, his suicide note revealed some of the difficulties of transitioning from being a father to an active NFL player.

“I am not the only person who can feel like a different person,” he wrote.

“I know how hard it is to live with it, and the pain is real.

I also know how painful it is not to be in control of your own life.”

In a statement, the NFLPA said, “Adrian Peterson is an active and productive member of our league.

As a member of the Minnesota Vikings, Adrian was a passionate leader and an advocate for the players, fans, and community who made his legacy in the NFL a reality.

The NFL’s position paper on suicide notes says the NFL “recognizes that there are important differences between domestic and suicide, with the former being a private matter that is not connected to the public, while the latter is an extreme and tragic act that can have serious consequences for a player or his family. “

Adrians parents have been in communication with the NFL since his suicide, and our organization will continue to support the Peterson family and their efforts.”

For Peterson, his legacy is not only tied to the Vikings.”

The NFL will continue working with Adrian’s family to help them deal with this difficult issue.”

For Peterson, his legacy is not only tied to the Vikings.

He is also the subject of a lawsuit filed by his former fiancee, Laverne Cox.

In the suit, Cox alleged that Peterson violated his restraining order by contacting Cox to ask for money and threatening to “sabotage his life.”

A judge dismissed the case in February.

Peterson’s former fiance, meanwhile, is also suing the NFL and its commissioner for defamation.

In an interview with ESPN’s First Take, Cox said, ‘It’s a pretty simple thing that we can both understand.

She’s a woman, he’s a man, and he needs to be respected.

He can’t just say things like, ‘I am in a relationship with this woman.’

That’s not the way it works.

It’s just not the right way to do it.’

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