How to buy your first house in Kenya: A guide

A house in Kibale, Kenya, is one of the most sought-after investments in Kenya.In 2017, buyers were willing to pay around $50,000 for a piece of land on which to live, according to the Kenyan Bureau of Land Management.But a lot has changed since then.According to Land Bank, the country’s official land lender, the average


How to spot a troll on Twitter

Some people are getting their news from the Internet, but they’re also being watched.Here’s how to spot the kinds of people who might be taking advantage of that platform.More:


How to use the Daily News to your advantage!

By Josh Lott-Riedner, Managing EditorTroy Daily NewsTroy, New York (CNN) — “You want to know how to make money?You don’t have to know the daily news.”– That’s how Michael O’Leary describes the new job at the Troy Daily News.O’Leary, the executive editor of the Troy Tribune, is in charge of breaking new stories in the



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Why we have to love the Daily Beast

When you’re a kid, you get a paper.When you get older, you’re supposed to read it daily.That’s what the Daily, and every other newspaper of its ilk, has done.For many of us, the Daily has become a beacon for the nation, a place where we can find what we’re looking for and not feel like

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